?> Life on the road

Our last weekend at the farm. Time to pack our bags and get back on the road. To the life we know but at the same time keeps surprising us.


We’re on the road. On the way to paradise, hidden just behind the bend. We chase. We laugh. We dance. Never being alone and always away. We keep searching for the greater thing. For what’s out there with so many names. Call it God, call it the Universe, and call it Buddha. But we know It’s everything and nothing. It’s in the particles of love we leave behind everywhere we go. Every road we cross, every city we visit, every town we call home. The love within, that never disappears.

Again we stand next to the road. Waiting for the next car. Who will it be? Why is this person the one we’re meant to share our lives with for a short but profound period of time. We talk. We learn. We share. For this moment we’re connected, and the love particles intertwine.

Traveling will never be just a verb. The word itself is nothing. Yet it is everything. It is what takes us to the other side of the world. And it is what brings us home. We want to know what is behind the bend. We search. We find. We leave. It is like playing a game. Taking risks. Living through opportunities. Creating our lives instead of being created.

Call it life, without a destination. There is no end. Home will be wherever we want it to be. There will never be a stop. We say hello. We say goodbye. In tears we turn around only to find joy. Call us nomads. Call us lost. We’re just wandering. For there is no place that has it all. And no place that has any. So somewhere in between we find the balance of the lost and found. We wander and pick up the love particles. Live from the land and energy of this world. Our world. A thing we call earth, so rich in choices and adventures. This is life. We live.