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Day 4

July 12, 2013.

Lewis makes me smile everyday. I sit on a rock about 10 meters in the sea and watch him snooping around Praia do Pinhau, one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. Observing him makes me happy.

I see him wandering around to find a good spot in the shade and the closer that spot is to us, the better. He is always alert and makes the best of his time here on the beach, finding a balance between playing and resting. In his case this is about 90% playing and 10% chilling. He tries to get people to play with him and it almost always works; it takes a while for most of them to realise he doesn’t want to be petted, but usually a short while later they get what he wants and start to play with him. If they don’t, he tries to find someone else to play with or takes a break in one of the shady spots close to the rocks. From time to time he pays us a visit, looking for some love and attention. This routine continues until the sun sets.

I feel there is much to learn from our trusted companion; he has no scruples, he doesn’t hurt anybody and doesn’t discriminate, he has no prejudice, knows what is best for him and doesn’t hesitate to go after what he wants. I think most of us would love to have one or more of the above qualities.

Ps: He says hello to everyone he played with so far. 😉