?> Recycled Paradise

Day 22,

July 30, 2013.

The one with the container.

Tarifa is windy, very windy. Nothing new I guess, seeing as it is the wind- and kite surfing paradise of the world.

The first few days, when we were camping near the centre in a small forest, I didn’t quite notice the wind, but last night the wind definitely picked up. We slept in an unfinished part of Kris’s house and we heard the Levante blowing through the open windows all night long. It kept us from having a good night sleep, but that didn’t matter because we woke up in their self-created paradise. Places like this are one of a kind. Kris and his Czech girlfriend Marie only use second hand material and recycle whatever they find. The setup of their improvised home is very cleaver. An old caravan is connected with two containers on one side and one the other, making the whole into a U-shaped form, providing the necessary protection from the sun and the strong winds. The containers are so well decorated that it is almost impossible to see the difference with a normal house. It is amazing what someone’s creativity can lead to. There are plants everywhere, the kitchen and shower are outside, but give you the feeling of being inside. The food comes straight out of their own garden and is delicious. They have managed to create a very cosy atmosphere through authenticity, one that misses in most modern homes. Feelings of respect and happiness fill up my mind.

Thanks hitchhiking, for bringing us to this very inspiring recycled paradise.