?> San Pedro La Laguna - a home away from home

So far our Central American adventure can easily be divided into two parts: The first part was all about discovering Mexico/Belize and Guatemala moving rapidly from one place to the next. Rapidly is still relative though, we stayed for example for two weeks in Tulum and even for three weeks on the island of Caye Caulker. However, this is the way we travel; if a place feels right we tend to stay a tad bit longer than the average traveller. Even in the very beginning of our world travels (more than over a year ago), we stayed for three weeks in Balen, only 60km away from our hometown Antwerp just because of the positive vibes the people of the town gave us.

The second part of our adventure started the moment we entered a beautiful room on the top floor of Hotel Colibri in San Pedro La Laguna. We rarely felt such a good energy in an apartment and almost instantly decided to rent the place for a month. The price was 1700Q and fitted nicely into our budget.

The mix of Guatemalans and Western people creates a very nice atmosphere in this town. Every day there is a big local market to get fresh food, there are a million of Spanish schools, where locals can teach you to speak Spanish at very affordable prices (even for our budget) and at night you can chill/party in a variety of nice Western or local bars. Take this all into account and it might be easy to understand why one month quickly turned into two months and a half.

Now, our visa for the CA-4 (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua) has ran out, so it is time to say goodbye. We are sure going to miss this place and at a certain point we were even considering extending our visa for another three months, but it is time to move on (also because our next project is more up North, but more on that later this month).

I want to end this post by giving you our top 10 of things to do on a small budget in San Pedro.

10. Fresh juice at the basketball court in the mornings at the market: 5Q (=0.70$)
9. Street food all over town: average of 10Q (=1.40$)
8. Chilling at Zoolas’ lounge and pool area: free
7. Walking the Finca road, after 30 min you are in the nature overlooking the beauty of the lake: free.
6. Jakuu: bar run by locals, they serve very nice coffee and Cuba Libres for 5Q
5. Staying a night in a hammock at the happy hippie hostel: 15Q
4. Fresh food at the local market: for example basil, mint, coriander: 1Q (0.14$), black corn tortillas: 1Q for four (=0.14$), fruits, veggies, meat…
3. Friendly quiz on Wednesday night in El Barrio: free, you can even win 800Q.
They serve excellent mojitos and fresh orange juices: both 10Q (=1.40$)
2. Private Spanish lessons at Mayab: 10 hours and two activities (Salsa, handy crafts): 300Q (42$)
1. All-you-can-eat brunch on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm in El Barrio: delicious omelettes, thee, coffee, fresh fruit, bacon, potatoes…: 40Q (=5.40$)

I sincerely hope you get the chance to visit this beautiful little part of our planet.

Mechico! Here we come!!