?> Six must to do things to create a perfect road trip on Vancouver Island - Let's be Nomads

1. Have a picnic at Sax Point in Victoria

Just outside of the city near the water lays this hidden gem in Victoria, where you easily relax for a couple of hours near the water facing the coast of the USA. The views are just stunning. There are a couple of tables available for the perfect picnic and a lot of fantastic spots to relax!



2. Drive along the West coast and visit the beautiful stony Rainforest beaches:


At the entrance you are welcomed by a friendly tree 🙂

And if you walk a bit further to the left you can find a couple of waterfalls that drop onto the beach, just spectacular!


If you like to surf, this is the place to be!

If you keep walking alongside the sea to the left for about 20 minutes you’ll find a hidden treasure…


3. Visit the botanical beach provincial park at Port Renfrew

This is a very raw beach with some beautiful trees and plants.


4. On your way up to Tofino, don’t forget to stop at Tacofino to get incredibly tasty burrito or tacos!


5. Visit Tonquin park and beach


6. Take a sunset ferry back to Vancouver from Nanaimo.

First of all it is a lot cheaper and secondly you get to see the sun set 🙂

That’s it! Take a week off, rent a car and enjoy this beautiful island!!

Ah and you might come across one of these ones…