?> Solstice

Laying in the field, after a swim, my body being warmed up by the evening sun. Listening to the streaming river and zooming bugs. It’s our day off and together with Emily and Bradley, our colleagues from the farm, we decided to explore the massive Eucalyptus forest behind the farm. Hidden between the fields of high grass, cork trees and farms we discovered a magical swimming hole. Deep clear water surrounded by a dam, trees and a shallow stream.

While thinking about the beautiful clear water I try to bring my focus back to the piece of paper I’m holding. We decided to write down what each of us wants to be doing the next six months. Where will we be? What will we be doing? What do we want to achieve? Just like New Year, Midsummer gives me the feeling of a fresh start. But how can I guess where we’ll be, knowing that this life on the road always takes us to places we’ve never even seen on a map before? And what does it matter where we will be? As long as we can learn, explore and most of all create. Because these next 180 days are for us to create. We are the ones who can choose them to be about love or fear, perseverance or regret, letting go or holding on.

An hour later, when the sun starts going down, we roll op our pick nick blankets and continue our hike towards the top of the mountain where we will be celebrating Midsummer and read our wishes to each other. Joyful about the beginning of this summer, I pick some fresh mint in the field, and look at the abundance of the colourful nature that surrounds me. When we finally reach the top, we sit down in awe and watch the sunset and it’s rich colours. So unreachable. Behind us the bright full moon rises and gives us the light to read our Solstice wishes. All four of us have different things we want to achieve but in the end it’s all about the same things; listening to our soul and slow ourselves down.

Happy Solstice!