?> Tarifa Eco Center

Day 20.

July 28, 2013.

The one with the Belgians.

All things might seem to happen at random in this life, but more and more it feels that coincidence does not exist. Yesterday we got up at a seemingly random moment in the day. We were walking through the old part of Tarifa when suddenly a very friendly happy guy gave us a flyer and invited us to a free concert at sunset in the Eco center in Tarifa. We gratefully accepted the flyer, said goodbye and took a small detour to pay a visit to the center before heading out to the beach.

A guy from Argentina greeted us and we started asking him some questions about the center. It’s a co-op he answers, but advices us against the legal structure if we ever start our own business, because in his opinion there is always too much talking before anything actually happens. For example it takes hours before five people can decide if a couch should be moved, where to and why… And if no one has any authority over the other, it can even take days…

With that in mind we take a look around. It is a lovely place, there is a nice small eco shop, a chill vegetarian organic restaurant and a beautiful patio, where later on, the concert would take place. We notice a schedule with all kinds of different therapies like Kiromassage, OsteopatΓ­a, Sacrocraneal, Shiatsu, Relajante, Reiki, Acro Yoga and so on. Apparently there is a holistic center as well. This is quite an all-in eco happening and we feel right at home. If the co-op structure brings in negativity, you certainly don’t feel it.

After a long walk on the Lances beach, where we saw an ant farm of kites hovering over the Atlantic at the far end, we happily returned to the centre, ordered a drink and waited for the concert to start. Two not so Spanish looking guys stand in front of us and I overhear them talking in Flemish, my mother tongue. It is always nice to speak in your own language and we find out that Kris has been loving here for five years now, his friend Geert is visiting for a ten days and will drive back to Malaga in a few days. Can we get a ride? Is what pops up in my head and of course, he will gladly take us with him there. Nice, a hitchhiking sorrow out of the way and a 160km closer to Madrid. A little while later Kris says we can put up our tent in his garden for a few days until Geert leaves to Malaga.

Back in the tent I wonder, does coincidence really exist? What would our day have been like if we woke up 10 minutes later?