?> Tarifa

Day 18.

July 26, 2013,

The one with the intelligent move

Or at least I hope it will be…
At this point in our adventure we have a goal, namely to reach Madrid before the 14th of August, because Val’s sister is coming to visit us before we fly off to Mexico. We are still 700 km from our destination and it took us two weeks to get from Odeceixe to Algeciras, which is approximately 500 km. I have no doubt we will be there on time, but sometimes changing our strategy for the better is all we can do. Hitchhiking further away from your goal might seem like a stupid idea at first, but if your current location is the worse hitchhiking place you ever had, it might be a wise thing to do. So we decided to hitch to Tarifa, the Spanish are not the greatest fans of hitchhiking and we hope to catch a ride out of one the most relaxed towns in the South of Spain.

I am counting the cars and my mind starts drifting off. I can’t help but wonder if the world truly has become a disconnected place full of fear. Hundreds of cars pass by and the people don’t even look at me, they just keep staring in front of them with their dead man’s eyes. We are all humans and yet we manage to place ourselves into little shielded bubbles, which provide us with all the security from the scary outside world. It is time to open up, look around and realize we are all connected. I am wondering if we will ever get away from this place, when Vals shouting suddenly puts me out of my thinking. I see a happy smile and hear “We have a ride to Tarifa!”. A very chill woman, who had just finished her work, was driving to Tarifa to spend the weekend in her summer apartment. She was super friendly and said we could leave our backpacks in her apartment so we could visit the city, which we did.
Tarifa lays only 22 km more to the South than Algeciras and is the most southern point of Europe, but what a different atmosphere. We immediately fell in love with the chill vibe in the small streets and enjoyed exploring the city to the fullest. When we went back to Cecilia the get our packs back, her apartment was filled with friends and we asked if one of them knew a place where we could put up our tent. That is going to be very difficult is the first thing we hear. You are going to have to walk very far is the second thing and so on. I know this isn’t true because we always find a good spot, we have become excellent at finding premium spots and yes very quickly we discover a secluded little forest nearby the city center. Another perfect spot!
Val and Tim: 1
Locals: 0