?> Thunder and heavy rain

Thunder and heavy rain, sounds I love when I’m laying safely in our tent. With my eyes closed I take in the music of nature while waves are playing in the background. We are laying in a garden of a nice woman in Akumal. Was this the plan? No, definitely not. But traveling with a dog and small budget somehow always takes you far away from your original plan.

Trying to get a bus to stop in Playa del Carmen was the first challenge. Taking busses with a dog works in Mexico, but it’s a bit like hitchhiking. You have to be patient; only one out of five busses will pull over. With lucky number five we got to the centre where we had to take a minibus to Akumal. The young Mexican guys with their clipboards had a good laugh with us when we told them we wanted to get on the bus with a dog, but at the same time a lovely woman who spoke perfect English petted Lewis and asked us where we were heading. She advised us to just go to the drivers and ask them, there should be at least one willing to take a dog. She ended our conversation with the wise words: ‘We should all have more faith and love.’ So with my faith refueled I walked up to the youngest looking driver and he accepted if we paid a seat for our dog as well. No problem, because we still had some of our day budget left.

When we arrived to Akumal and walked in the direction of the Playa we were stopped at a beautiful big entrance gate. ‘It’s private.’ Said the guard. Oops, that means no wild camping, so we started asking around if anybody knew someone with a garden where we could put our tent in exchange for some money. In the end we found a nice young guy who spoke English and was intrigued by Lewis’ backpack. While he walked with us to a beautiful garden he explained that since a year there is a new law in this region not allowing dogs on the beach anymore. He and many others hated it because apparently there are many dog-lovers here.

It made me wonder if we should just go straight to Belize, where I hope they haven’t introduced this law yet. But like Tim said, without Lewis, the private beaches and weird laws we wouldn’t be laying in our tent at this amazing spot next to the beach right now.