?> University of the World

I’m lying in the tent without Tim, but with Lewis’ faithful company. My mind keeps wandering back to these last four years of traveling. So much has happened that it is hard to grasp; some very quiet times, but also times where there were never enough hours in one day.

June 2009, I followed my heart, telling me that there was so much to see in the world. Studying at university was of no importance for me; I was determined to learn from the world. I wanted the freedom to explore. Some people called me naïve, which they probably still do. I can simply explain it with one word: faith. So far, trusting in the good heart of people, following every good opportunity that presented itself and staying close to my intuition, haven’t disappointed me once.

I don’t know if this urge for traveling comes from my great-great-great-ancestor James Cook, or because my family is scattered all over the world, maybe it is because of the media these days, constantly showing us so many amazing places. In any case it is nested somewhere deep in my heart.

The first two years of traveling were in search of freedom. I wanted to taste everything out there. I wanted to try, fail and learn. And so I did. I managed to get myself into a € 4000 debt and get two skull fractures. But despite the bad moments it felt like I was doing the right thing, so I changed my global wandering into ‘attending the University of the World’. And I can proudly say that I’ve got my bachelor.

The third and fourth year at this worldwide university I specialized in finding myself. I found not only myself but also my soul mate. Together we walked as pilgrims and kept exploring, as mirrors for each other. It can be very frustrating as you are remembered of your flaws, but also very beautiful as you discover some of your hidden talents.

Now I’m doing my masters, a year about love. Love for my surroundings and for myself. Learning to feel the love all around. Knowing who I am now, it’s time to find my place in this world, to find a place I can call home, one that keeps feeding me with love and inspiration.

What will I do after my graduation? I don’t know, time will tell. One thing is for sure: I’ll never stop exploring.