?> Update from Portugal - Let's be Nomads

April the 21st I was standing on the platform in Faro waiting with excitement for the train coming from Lisbon. I had a weird feeling in my stomach. Tim and Lewis were supposed to be arriving, but what if his hitchhiking from Peniche to Lisbon hadn’t worked out? What if they hadn’t let him board the train with a dog?

My questions were soon answered by Lewis who was jumping as happily as ever to greet me. It felt to me he was acting like he hadn’t seen me for two years instead of a week. I looked up into the distance and between the fast moving people on the platform I spotted a hat, a beard and a backpack walking towards me. I smiled. Team Let’s be Nomads was reunited.

Together we walked back to terrace of a local bar where Anouk and Hans were sitting in the sun, enjoying a cold beer. Three years ago I spent a season in Mimizan, living at the same camping as Anouk. Thanks to Facebook we discovered that she and her boyfriend were driving with a van towards Galicia in Spain and would be in Faro on the same day as Tim arrived.


A van, awesome! Tim and I happily jumped in and joined them for a few days to have a nice road trip with a lot of swimming in the ocean and playing fun games after cooking delicious meals at night. We jumped out in Odeceixe, at an organic farm, recommended by a Couchsurfing host from Porto. Alas, it wasn’t the right moment for us to start at the farm right away, because the owners were going to be in Holland for a week, but they told us we should stay in touch and maybe come back in a few weeks. Walking towards the ocean, along the beautiful river, we realized sticking around wasn’t going to be a problem. The area was too peaceful and magical to be leaving any time soon.

Odeceixe is a small town between Lisbon and Sagres, somewhere in the Algarve. It’s approximately 3,5km away from the beach, where you can find a few houses and three little restaurants. The beach is surrounded by rocks, the ocean and a river. It’s without any doubt one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. We quickly found a nice secret camping spot in the forest nearby, where we could wake up in the cool shade provided by the trees.


We’ve been combining our days by walking through the breathtaking nature to the town, to do our groceries and get on the internet to keep working on our website, and by enjoying the beach, playing with Lewis and cooling down in the water. It’s such a small fishing town that we are already starting to feel like locals. A few days ago we even got invited to a local bbq.

On may 16th I’ll be flying to Morocco for 10 days to meet up with my family for a holiday while Tim and Lewis are going to the farm as volunteers in exchange for a caravan and food. Normally I’ll join them for a month when I get back, or we will start moving towards Morocco together.

Thanks everybody for the enthusiastic reactions to our new website, it gives us heaps of motivation to keep sharing our adventures. Any feedback is always welcome.

Buen dia!