?> vaccines for Mexico

Day 7

July 15, 2013.

We’re sitting in a weird pub in a very fancy beach resort in Ayamonte, Spain. It’s quiz night and I can only see English people with big pints and burgers around me. I’m relieved to finally sit down after being on the road for eight hours. It has been a long but very international day. We got a ride from an American, a Chilean, a Belgian, a Spaniard and an Australian.

When we said goodbye to the Australian, who is flying to Mexico in October, I said “You never know, maybe we see you in Mexico!”. With this Idea still in my mind I open the laptop and go to Skyscanner.  Suddenly my eye drops on a cheap flight to Mexico for 145. The flight we almost booked last time after contemplating our options for a few weeks.  When we finally decided to book it, the flight was gone. We learned our lesson and this time we didn’t hesitate for a second, grabbed our passports and booked the flight.

I must admit I felt a bit nervous though. Not about the long flight or going far away, it just felt a bit like cheating. Booking a ticket when we are letting the world guide us by saying yes to every opportunity in our hitchhiking adventures. But it must be for we reason that we got this chance again, right? I do really want to go to South-America. I’m so excited to discover a new continent and luckily Lewis can join us, but it’s not easy. We have to do some thorough research for the mandatory papers, vaccines and airplane carrier.

We are still hesitating a lot if we should get vaccines for Mexico ourselves for hepatitis A and B (TWINRIX). What is worse, the small chance of getting a disease or getting chemicals in your body for the rest of your life? Aren’t these diseases all in the mind? Is there an alternative solution? We have been contemplating this decision for over a year now. It’s time to make a decision.

Hopefully you can help us with your opinion and experience. Where have you been? What vaccines did you take? Have you heard about any more natural medicines? Any advice is welcome!