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One might be wondering why I would write a post about contact lenses on a travel blog, but these day and night contacts from Biofinity have really changed my life, because I can hardly see anything without them, the power of my eyes is -7,5 on the left and -7,5 on the right… Even if you don’t wear them yourself, you probably know someone who does and might be very happy to get this information.

I have been wearing contacts since I was 18 and I have had my share of problems with them. At the start it was amazing, a new world literally opened up to me. For example being able to do all kinds of sports without wearing my glasses was a big blessing. During the years I changed brands a few times to find the best fit for my eyes and until about 8 months ago I always used contacts that I needed to take out every night and change every month. But just before starting our trip I discovered the existence of contact lenses that you can wear day and night for a whole month long. So, no longer the need to carry lens fluid or take them out every night! Could this really be true? Wouldn’t this be bad for my eyes?

After eight months of wearing them, I can honestly say this is one of the best things that happened to me this past year. This brand works great for me; they are relatively cheap and I can even wear them non-stop for 2 months. Living a nomadic life, one of the biggest advantages is that my dirty hands can steer clear of my eyes for two months, so my eyes don’t even get the chance to be infected.

Ps: There are other brands out there, so just pick one that suites your eyes and chill up your traveling life.