?> Couchsurfing - Let's be Nomads

One of the best tips and tricks we can give you is without any doubt Chouchsurfing. This non-profit initiative connects people from all over the world through a simple website. It takes away the boarders. The last seven months we have been Couchsurfing more then 20 times. People offer you their couch in exchange of knowledge, experiences, culture, .. Or maybe just because others hosted them all around the world too. Instead of just booking a room somewhere you stay with locals and really get to know the city or town. What more would you want?

So if you don’t have an account yet, go to the website write some stuff on your profile and start exploring the world in a different epic way!

Ps. It’s nice to make a dish from your own country in return for their hospitality. We for example love making Dutch pancakes, cheap and everybody loves it!

This TED video of The art of asking, Amanda Palmer is very inspiring and also about Couchsurfing.