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Missing my favorite #dog in the world! #Lewis

While traveling we have a lot of time to conduct self-experiments. We read that is was possible to stop using shampoo and still have healthy looking hair. So we washed our hair for six weeks without using any shampoo, conditioner, lotion, potion or shmosion. There is a whole no poo movement out there and we can now say out of experience that it really works. We didn’t even use soda powder (what some no-pooers use), so from now on we can officially call ourselves full-monty no-pooers.

The greassness curve of your hair is parabolic-like, first not so much, than peaking after 3-4 weeks and settling down around 6 weeks. The only thing you have to do is comb your hair while showering in hot water. We can recommend it to all nomads/travelers, every gram in your backpack counts and those bottles of shampoo can easily set you back a few….

There is one last important thing we learned from Val’s grannies: use an egg yoke once a week to keep your hair smooth and silky! Trust me, in combination with no-poo this will give your hair a very nice and healthy look.

Happy no-pooing!