?> tieh ta yao gin

What?! You might ask and I don’t blame you, I had never heard of this Chinese miracle mix called Tieh Ta Yao Gin stuff either. At least not until I met Gary, an Australian surfer I was couchsurfing with a few weeks ago. I had a nasty dry cough that I couldn’t get rid of and he told me to try this magic potion. It is a combination of eight Chinese herbs with anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic & anti-microbial properties.

It is well known as the best reef cut treatment available, it sterilizes and seals in one hit. You can also use it for normal cuts and in my case to get rid of my cough, just mix 1 cl in a glas of water and gorgel for a minute, repeat as much as needed. It sure helped me.

Thanks almighty Chinese herbal wisdom!

Ps: I have no idea if you can buy it in your local Chinese foodstore, but here are some online links.


Funny that the description on one site literally says: Don’t use on wounds…